Ayurveda: Living in Harmony with Inner and Outer Nature

At its core, the ancient wellness system of Ayurveda is essentially about living in harmony with both inner and outer nature. By “inner nature” I mean the combination of the three doshas—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha—that we are born with and that help determine our unique constitution. I also include the particular physiological systems that house all the biological, microbiological, and molecular functions in our bodies.

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Ayurveda Basics

Combining the two Sanskrit words—ayu, meaning life, and veda, meaning knowledge—the term Ayurveda means the knowledge or wisdom of healthy living. This holistic health and wellness system began over 5,000 years ago on the Indian subcontinent. Today it is the primary wellness resource for India’s one billion people.

Philosophically, Ayurveda rests on the idea that we humans are integral parts of a universe that is

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The Four Dimensions of Wellness

Four Interrelated Pillars Supporting Our Lives

Following is a summary of a chapter from my book, “The Soul of Wellness“, available on Amazon.com

Wellness of Body

“Physical wellness is crucial because your body is one of your two fundamental instruments for living. It is through your body that you are able to see and smell the beauty of a rose and hear the

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